Below is a table of Challenge Trophies offered by the Skye Terrier Club of America to Skye Terrier owners and breeders for wins at STCA specialty shows. Most Challenge Trophies require the owner or breeder to win three times before permanent possession is granted.

The trophy names link to pages listing past winners.

Best of Breed   The Windflower Trophy (Retired 2001)
The California Trophy (Retired 2001)
The Columbine Skye Terrier Club Trophy
The Glamoor Trophy
The Glamoor Trophy (Retired 2001)
Best of Opposite Sex
to Best of Breed
  The Aberdeen Trophy (Retired 2001)
Best of Winners   The Skye-Ark Bowl
Winners Dog   The Amble On Trophy (Retired 2008)
Winners Bitch   The Rover Run Trophy
The Rosy Future Bowl
The Olivia Skyes Trophy
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs   The Barraglen Trophy (Retired 2002)
The Santlin Trophy
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches   The Argent Quaich (Retired 2006)
The Bonnie Victoria Trophy (Retired 2004)
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